Movement-in-Nature Groups on Hampstead Heath and eventually even wilder places

  • Reclaiming the movement and awareness skills of our hunter-gatherer ancestors
  • Re-aligning our creative lives with nature
  • Opening  our senses, especially the ears and eyes, to the birds, trees, plants and animals that present themselves
  • Becoming receptive – finding stillness and silence
  • Connecting sensitively in a group / “tribe”
  • Practising aloneness 
  • Developing Species identification and Birdsong recognition

I started exploring this as a child / teenager and have over my 60 years on earth developed my own practise of movement in nature that I feel I would like to pass on to others.

A brilliant BA – Honours degree Drama course at Exeter University set me on my path.

I also worked quite extensively with T’ai chi in the 1980’s and with the wonderful inspiring Movement- meditation teachers, Adam Bradpiece and Suprapto Suryodarmo in the 1990’s.

At this time I was also working intensively with the movement- theatre group, ‘Essential Theatre’ for 7 years and we often worked outside in very wild places.

I have continued to practise with other movement friends to this day.

The natural world is a constant source of inspiration and love for me.

I have many years experience of teaching movement groups outside when I was younger but now feel called back to it, with 20 more years practise under my belt .

I feel we humans as a race at this point in time, ( Spring 2021 as I write this)  need to start including Nature – the Earth and all its Lifeforms- in every decision we make.

We need to wake up to the truth, that if we continue to destroy nature we destroy ourselves

We need to rewild the planet and rewild ourselves.

My Father taught me a very precious lesson,

‘Take one step towards nature and nature will take one step towards you’

It is so simple but takes a bit of practise

The rewards are priceless

If you are drawn to explore this with me please contact me.

I am intending, long term, to offer a training/ teacher- training in this work…..

Ode to London

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