Nature, healing, medicine and the singing of songs have all become separated over the centuries since we were Tribal peoples.

Every tribe existing today and throughout history has or had its shamans, it’s healers.

And every shaman had their ‘medicine song bundle’ .

Each of the shaman’s many songs would also link with the specific medicinal plants needed for the patient’s healing – this would be a direct link with the living plant growing nearby.

And so the song linked medicine with the plant kingdom, the forest and its animals.

It linked Spirit with Body, Sky with Earth, Healing with Sound.

It is not too late to reclaim this connection and re-link or re-align some or all of these essential aspects of our lives.

I experience that my paternal ancestors, my roots in the Celtic/ Druidic line of North Wales, and my deep exploration and embodiment of the ancient raga music of North India have mysteriously blended and given to me the creation of my own healing raga-songs; my medicine -song bundle that I can use for my own, and for others’, healing.

Here are some of the human conditions that these songs have already been of service to:

Bereavement / Grief
Anxiety and Fear 
Stress and Tension / Weak Lungs
Shallow breathing/ Belly tension

Felix Padel on viola
Khoji Price on cahon and vocals
Julian Littman on drum