Song-journeys based in “Dhrupad”
the most ancient form of North Indian music.

All are welcome to come and experience this HEALING  and HEART- WARMING SINGING, whether you are a professional musician / singer looking for something to deepen, enrich or free- up your sound, if you simply love singing but want a more focussed and meditative way to practise or if you have been made to believe that you are ‘tone deaf’ or ‘cannot sing’ ……

One translation of the Sanskrit word ‘YOGA’  is ‘MEETING WITH THE DIVINE’.

It is said, in the Dhrupad tradition ( even when performing) , that one sings the ragas primarily for God, secondly for the development of ones own soul, and only after that for anyone else who happens to be listening.

So this form of singing, if one makes it ones practice, is a YOGA of ATTUNEMENT ; rooted in the body, deeply connected with the EARTH and with the organic way that nature moves and grows.

Singing raga will encourage and enable you to be present in every note, develop your ability to listen to, and reproduce, very subtle changes in tone, and to sing the journey or “slide” from one note to another.

The seven main notes of the ragas, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni relate to the seven CHAKRAS and, by sliding with  these notes, an internal pathway is created, opening up space in the body and breath that can feel very BLISSFUL and DEEPLY RELAXING.

It is important to emphasise that, even at performance level, this form of raga singing is IMPROVISATIONAL, so it is also a wonderful tool to develop CREATIVITY and PLAYFULNESS…..