My singing and movement work with adults has developed alongside my role as Music teacher in 4 North London Montessori schools spanning all of the last 30 years. I  have also, over the years, taught many pupils privately, one to one.

“My three children all attended Susan’s music classes over many years. They always felt so loved and accepted by Susan’s gentle, gracious approach.The fun and joyful sound of Susan’s music is often our ‘go to songs’ when we are up and about in nature.”Ai

16 original songs for young children to sing and move to, including 5 lullabies to help fall asleep at bedtime.
main age group:  1-7 years

Knowing, from my work with adults, how easily a child’s connection with their singing voice can be damaged, I am always sensitive to each child’s individual and unique journey into music and conscious of how the perception of pitch and ‘in-tuneness’ develops at different ages:

Some babies and toddlers are already humming in tune whereas other children may not start to do this until they are ten years old or so.

Meanwhile most children love to sing anyway and to play drums and percussion and to dance….

MORE FUNKY SONGS – 9 original songs, upbeat and funky for slightly older children

main age group: 5-9 years

“Playful,  joyful, fun and always makes you want to dance”   Andrew ( age 10)

I have made two albums of my original songs composed for children that encourage both their natural expression of joy and their connectedness to the Natural world.

At this time, with so much of life on screen and virtual, there is more need for this than ever before.

These albums are at present only available through me on CD

Price £12 + p and p (£2 UK)

N B These songs are not on ragas! They are played on guitar and have beautiful catchy melodies

I also have made, illustrated  and self- published an accompanying book to the Naturesongs album, currently out of print but hopefully to re- appear!