These last 1 hour and 15 mins and cost £40 / (£35 concessions) . The lessons are tailor- made but nearly always include a journey on one specific raga and, when the student is ready, also a space for improvising in a “jagalbandi” , a creative duet. I also have many of my own compositions on different ragas that I love to teach within a session, when this feels appropriate.

Who can benefit?

Musicians, singers and song-writers

A connection with raga can bring a different depth and authenticity to your work; something new, unpredictable and more mysterious will come into your compositions and improvisations, the more you explore and make the ragas “your own”.

On a simple healing level, it can be a great relief to let go of projecting your sound outwards, for an audience, and to allow yourself to be nourished and renewed by singing purely for your own being, and indeed your own well- being.

Anyone who has been told they are tone deaf or cannot sing

This experience has usually occurred in childhood and can be very damaging.

The open-hearted free singing / vocal sound-making of a child is, in my opinion and experience, a direct link with her / his soul.

To be told, aggressively or otherwise, that their sound is not acceptable and they must shut up, can do harm on many levels.

The development of listening to sound / music is disturbed and sometimes stops totally, and the profound soulful connection with their singing voice is usually lost with it.

The slow and gentle process of learning and practising a raga in a safe space that is non- judgemental can truly open up this listening ability once more so that a gradual attunement and trust can develop between teacher and student.

A reawakening of your musicality can emerge; sometimes this includes some emotional expression / release. It is worth it, the rewards are great.

All those who have a longing to sing from the soul

This ancient form of music offers the possibility for you to  create a direct link wth what is most soulful, even Divine, the more you relax into your body and let it sing through you. And paradoxically this oldest form of singing can totally renew you, enabling you to be at your most present, conscious, and creatively alive.