” Susan’s raga lessons are so rich, resonant, nourishing and imaginative! I depend on them every week to release my voice – my speaking as well as my singing voice – and make me think new things. ”
Ruth, poet and writer

“Spiritually uplifting and stimulating on the emotional and mental levels, you never quite know where a journey with Susan may take you.  An exceptional and unique talent.”   
Steve, healthcare professional

“I come from an orthodox Indian Hindu family steeped in classical music. When I first came across Susan and the raga group, I attended more out of curiosity than anything else, fully prepared to dismiss it as yet another western faddish take on an ancient rich indian art form. 
The Raga sessions changed my life forever. I ended up going deep back to my roots and home, singing in North London with the Raga group. I found my most authentic voice- both literal and metaphoric. My profound thanks and heartfelt pranaams to Susan for this journey which I hope to soon resume once the pandemic is tamed. “
—Raksha Sidhu- NHS health worker and Bharatnatyam dancer

“At the age of 95, I found a buried voice, lured into the light by Susan.”   
Helene, editor and writer

“Meeting susan and learning to sing Raga with her has been one of the most profound gifts in my life….she has held me and my voice in a  heartfelt embrace full of tenderness, love and encouragement.. and in the more recent years..I have been most privileged that Susan has shared with me her inspired compositions on the ragas which have deepened my own journey  of self -knowledge even further….Susan is one of those very special souls that I have been honoured to get to know as a friend and teacher….I owe her more thanks than she will ever know….”
Liz, lawyer and acupuncturist 

“It is such a treat to have Susan’s loving attention in raga singing lessons, on a weekly basis, throughout lockdown and beyond. These lessons work surprisingly well online. She has a gift for deep listening, and encourages sharing of a few key pertinent phrases that express my current feelings and challenges. She models a deep connection to her being, where every facet of her being is expressed through her singing voice. I respond by expressing my own feelings through sound. The raga journey enables me to express, move through and transform these feelings. The lessons have the added bonus of increasing musicality, and often ending with free musical expression, where we can co-create exquisite sounds. She is also direct, patient and encouraging when I am off-key. She knows when to correct and when gentle encouragement and acceptance of errors is needed.”
Hilary, statistician and teacher