At the moment due to the pandemic, I am unable to run any groups but hope to do so by the summer.

To work with me in a group, you would need to have at least one introductory zoom session individually with me .

I am offering  short introduction sessions of around 30-40 mins  at a special rate of  £20 and it is fine to book one of these right away.

The raga – singing groups are always small and intimate, so that a gradual attunement can build between the participants, where each person is listening quite acutely to his/ her own voice and at the same time, to all the other voices.

This is a sensitive and meditative space, as well as a musical one, in which we are all held by the beautiful grounding, yet ethereal, notes of the tampura .

A typical group will start with a short sharing, so that each person, if they feel the need to, can bring themselves verbally present . Then we embark on quite a long journey into the depths,  nuances and particular moods of the chosen raga, in a “call and response ” structure, with the whole group echoing each phrase together.

 Then follows a space where each has turns to be heard singing a phrase individually; to have their voice received by the circle and a chance to deepen their understanding or feeling for the particular raga we are working with.

We always end with an improvisation, freeing up the space to unpredictable creativity….

This is an unusual and exciting way to experience your uniqueness within a small community of human beings, and simultaneously feel your connectedness.